Start a Non-Profit

Financial Stress Reduction, Inc., since 1984 has helped establish many new ministries.  We do this painstaking work at a very reduced rate for Churches and Ministries.

We are with you every moment; from the establishment of your state charter to the filing for tax exempt status with the IRS.  As most of you know, ministries unlike churches must file with the IRS for tax exempt status.  Churches don't need to file for an exemption; one is automatically granted.

One note on churches; with the current climate in our new socialistic government it is possible we will all loose our tax exempt status.  Churches are filing for a private letter ruling establishing their own 501 c 3.  In this case, the IRS will have to overturn each and every non profit organization individually.  They could wipe out non profit status with one general ruling without one.

Our pricing for the establishing a state charter is only $240 plus the amount the state will charge.

Our pricing for the establishing of you Private Letter Ruling for your tax exempt status of your ministry is $999.  This  is much more than our 30% reduction on our services for churches and ministries.  This will allow you tax exempt status on ministry income in the regular course of receiving contributions, and also the exemption from sales tax and property taxes in your state.  Remember, all governments have the right to end tax exempt status with a change in laws.

We will be with you every step of the way until this process is completed.  The IRS usually gives themselves 6-9 months for the process.  Things have changed this year with churches and ministries.  With many non profits giving money to terrorist organizations, the IRS is looking at your ministry with a second look.  Tax forms have changed and also the way ministries will receive their final tax exempt determination.

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